Since we first set out, more than three decades ago, we have excelled as specialists in industrial electrical installations. At the same time, we have developed with the firm objective of being able to provide a comprehensive, “turnkey” service to our customers. This is why we have developed several technical departments that enable us to ensure an excellent result in each of the jobs in which we are involved.

Also, our human team has always been, is and will continue to be Taelpo’s best and most valuable asset. We have a large permanent staff of more than 100 professionals, in order to avoid the subcontracting of personnel, bringing a great added value to our clients and ensuring, at the same time, the quality and fulfilment of the commitments made as those responsible for each project.


Today, we have positioned ourselves as a benchmark in the sector thanks to the extensive experience in our field of action, performing projects of various kinds, as well as of great importance and technical load, under the supervision of our team of professionals, highly qualified and committed to our philosophy of continuous improvement.

We are trained to carry out special custom-built projects and complement our extensive portfolio of services with preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, as well as a 24-hour 365-day customer service.


Our spirit of improvement, as well as our permanent adaptation to the new technologies have led us to differentiate and distinguish ourselves, at all times, as a modern, dynamic company, able to compete effectively in all our business areas. Thanks to this, we also deserve the best guarantee: the trust and loyalty of our customers.